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Post by PrideOfCascadia on 17th February 2012, 7:43 pm

How To Set Up Your Application
The Nova Project

The great part of the Nova Project is we don't require too much to get into the project.

Required Content:
National Flag
National Coat Of Arms (if your nation has one)
Proposed location on Nova
6-8 SC4 or other in-game photos (Optional, we would like to see at least 2-4)

and the following Info-Sheet about your nation.
Official Name:
Native Official Name:
Common Name:
National Motto:
National Anthem (Video/Name, Name only works) :
Largest City (with population) :
Other Major Cities (with population) :
Official Languages:
Spoken Languages
Government Type:
Sovereignty Type:
Population 2012 Estimate:
Population Census:
GDP Per Capita:
drives on:

Requested Order of Application:
Name of Country
Coat of Arms
Proposed location on Nova
In-Game Photos

Thank you for considering the Nova Project
The Nova Project Staff


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