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Welcome to the Nova Project Empty Welcome to the Nova Project

Post by PrideOfCascadia on 27th June 2012, 5:04 pm


I'd like to welcome you for checking out our website and our main mission with the Nova Project. We hope you're interested in the unique way of roleplaying we have brought to Sim City and just the overall aspect of CJing.

Unlike major unions around SC4, we don't require SC4, or form of game to show your nation, it's up to you how you share your nation realistically. Also we are very different in that Nova, the planet this takes place on, is NOT a union. All Nova Project Members are allowed to remain neutral and independent nations on Nova. However members are encouraged and welcome to create unions and invite members to them.

If you're interested in joining the Nova Project, apply in the application center! Remember all applications will be accepted and the application is to better know you and your applicant country!





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