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Post by Bruce on 11th March 2012, 11:34 am

Found this on the SimCity subreddit. Really useful tool.


1. Overview
This past weekend I thought it would be fun to fire up Sim City 4 and do some
city building. I didn't remember about the random crashes to desktop until
too late. After two hours of painstaking traffic restructuring, BOOM! desktop!
I was so furious I swore never to play again.

Today I decided to see if there was a patch, or mod, or anything that would
kick in an auto save feature. Nuthin.

So here is the next best thing:
Tonight I wrote a program that automatically tells Sim City 4 to save for you!
You'll never lose your meticulous city planning work again!

2. Requirements
114 GB of Hard drive space
3.5 GB of Ram
Intel i7 2.67 GHz quad core processor
Windows XP/Vista
.Net Run Time 2.0 or higher (Comes with XP Service Pack 2 and all versions
of Vista)

Q: Wow! Those are higher requirements than Crysis!
A: Yes, I know, but since those are the specs of my pc right now,
it is the only system requirements I can be sure of that run my program.
It probably will work on lower specs, but whoes to say! :-)

3. How to Use

a) Run the executable SimCity4AutoSaver.exe
b) Set the saving interval from every 5 to 60 minutes (default is 10).
c) Click the Start! Button
d) Start playing Sim City 4
e) Every X minutes, a dialog will pop up saying your game has been saved!
It’s a festivus miracle!

If for any reason you want to stop the auto-saver, just jump out of Sim City
(Alt-Tab) and click the Stop! button. It will stop telling Sim City to save.



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